Medical residency is a difficult and exciting time in any young physician’s life.  One hundred plus working hour weeks were the norm prior to governmental intervention.  There is simply too much to learn in too short of a time span.  The electric atmosphere is exciting and intoxicating.  People often are consumed by this excitement such that mundane things are neglected.  As an example a cold or minor illness cough durring residency usually lasts twice as long.  

I was in the middle of such a illness during my second year of general surgery residency.  An irritating combination of sore throat, sinus congestion, runny nose and weakness and nausea was making life difficult and was distracting.  

My girlfriend (of one month) took pity on me and made a large pot of homemade chicken soup.  Only this soup was different.  The steam from the pot smelled medicinal.     Mint, euclyptus, and lavender fumes was noted initially.  Upon breathing deeply of the soup’s aroma my sinus congestion was relieved.   The soup’s taste was delicious, and yet a distinct medicinal character was noted.  The experience was like a Willy Wonka creation–a chicken soup flavored medicinal losenge. 

After greedily consuming two large bowls of soup I felt better.  My sinus congestion and sore throat and runny nose were all relieved.  Moreover I felt loved.  Obviously, a great deal of care and thought and time was put into this pot of soup.  I decreed her soup forevermore to be called “love soup” and demanded her hand in marriage.
Since the creation of love soup, my wife continued to cook with medicinal plants.  This process culminated in the creation of boullion cubes which can be incorporated in teas, cookies, soups or in fact any dish.  Furthermore, the boullion cubes allow the quick incorporation of these medicinal plants.  The result is a tasty dish produced in minutes with medicinal overtones.  

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