In Europe they do not treat ear infections with antibiotics. They just use pain medicine to cover the patient while they heal.

Kids heads are different proportionately which causes their ear canal to be shallow and straight, whereas adult’s ear canals slant downward allowing fluid and infection to drain thru a tube to your throat. Since the anatomy of the ear is different in kids, many Osteopaths & chiropractors use adjustments to assist the drainage. Ear infections are 50% bacterial, and 50% viral, so treating them with antibiotics may not help, and just kill off the good bacteria. Usually viral infections anywhere: lungs, ears, stomach are associated with relatively lower fevers, while bacterial infections typically have higher fevers- its not uncommon to have fevers of 103* Fahrenheit or higher. If a temperature is higher than 103; or if there is additional symptoms, It is recommended that a child is examined by a physician.

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