Dr. Moms is a company that focuses on cooking with Medicinal plants.  I grew up in a rural area that was medically under served, so I was always interested in treating illness with what we had available- herbs and vitamins.  More importantly, I pursued knowledge of how to fortify one’s self to ward off disease.  I figured that over 100s of thousands years we evolved with integrating these same nutrients often by adding foods rich in vitamins, (even superfoods), as well as the herbs used as their primary seasonings in the food they prepared.  Our ancestors cooked their food which allowed more calories and nutrients to be available which resulted in giving us the stronger brain and body that made us successful as a species.  Who was I to argue with that kind of success?  I researched each ingredient that would help my patient convalesce, and brewed them together as a “Tea”, allowing the heat to release nutrients into the water that allowed for optimal absorption.

At 15, I began my practice of treating my 6 younger brothers and sisters with good results.  My success was enough to interest my Mom and Dad, Aunts, Uncles, and even neighbors.  I had an amazing brew that seemed to comfort everyone!  Unfortunately, it tasted terrible, but I felt that it was a testament that whenever anyone got sick, they asked me to make them some “Pond Water” as they fondly called it.

Jump forward 35 years.  I am now an Acupuncturist and a M.D.  I have learned everything that the American Medical Association’s stringent standards have deemed necessary for me to be a Physician, able to treat or at least guide patients to the necessary treatment they require.  I really thought I would learn all about how medicines work, and for that matter, how the medicinal plants I had used, and seen work, actually assist the body in healing. HA!  One finds that doctors are not all Dr House- we don’t prioritize what the cause of an illness is if we are able to give a medicine and make it go away.  With the constraints that insurance companies put on our primary care doctors it is often a waste of time to chase down every etiology.  Treating the symptoms is what matters.  A very traditional western medical education taught me that alternative treatments did not work and were a scam to all the people out there that utilized them.  In addition, many of the vitamins and nutrients are never even absorbed.  Many times I have looked at Xrays that showed the unabsorbed supplement make its way through a patient’s GI track. Couple that with all the reports of how commercial supplements have been tested, and found to contain ground rice flour or other useless ingredients that had nothing to do with what the actual label said.  The New York District Attorney’s office recently conducted a sting and got samples of supplements from store brands for Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Costco, and even the expensive GNC where every salesperson is the “go-to” expert for whatever ails you.  4 out of 5 stores sampled had very little or none of the ingredients they promised on their store brand labels.  They found there was little difference between generic products except for the supplements found at Costco- which held up to scrutiny.  Those findings certainly had me more perplexed at why anyone would use supposed supplements that are dried up in capsules, when you cant really tell what is in them.  When we make our blends, we like to start with the actual organic, non-gmo herbs that you find in the garden- that can be identified by sight, smell and taste.

Our products emphasize the need to present nutrients in the exact way our bodies were able to evolve.  When did we start thinking capsules were superior and heat and liquid were no longer needed?  Heat used in brewing tea or cooking with our medicinal herbs allows the nutrients to dissolve in the liquid and therefore optimally absorbed in the way our bodies were built to use them.

There are many ways our bodies are being fed today that were never a part of our design.   Body Intelligent people are getting back to our roots- back to basics.  As much as possible avoiding foods that are over-processed, over-pesticied, over-hormoned, over-exhausted.

Join us.  We are Doctor Moms just like you.