Tahoe Tea

We have rediscovered the flavor profiles of these ingredients
and are harmoniously blended into a perfect cup of tea.

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Savory Spice of Life

This herb can be used in everything to give extra flavor.
Try them to enhance the flavors of your favorite dishes.

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Our cookies are made from a unique blend of ingredients
that are locally sourced from the Lake Tahoe region.

Sweet Blessed Seed

This peppery, sweet blend is great way to add flavor to many dishes.


Our Tahoe Blue Melatonin Tea.  It has many herbs and nutrients including lavender, chamomile, ginger and of course melatonin. Steeping our tea in hot water activates these ingredients to supercharge bioavailability giving a sense of peacefulness and assisting in shutting off the racing repetitive thoughts that often block our ability to sleep.  Melatonin reinforces your sleep schedule by resetting your internal clock- known as your circadian rhythm.

Our Philosophy


Mom knows best. She knows when her children are hurting, when they’re proud, when they need a hug and when they need the limits enforced. That’s why it is up to us to ask questions, do the research, and consult all sources so that our family is guaranteed the best possible outcome. When we seek out alternatives to the options we are presented with – we begin to re-discover our strength as parents and caregivers. We uncover the inherent wisdom that is in each of us. We tap into the instincts that draw us toward foods and spices that we need.

Dr. Moms was created to help individuals take charge of their health by incorporating herbs and spices into delicious meals and teas. Our herbal blends are an easy way to incorporate the seasonings into our lives that many do not have the time to use. Dr Moms help one another by sharing our experiences and offering help. We become empowered in our choices as we become enlightened to the reality that we are not alone.

Over the course of time, we have taught one another. We handed down recipes, remedies, experience and hope. We share stories, remedies and trusted methods relating to our experiences. This is my opportunity to provide a forum to for all of us “Dr. Moms” to share what we have learned.

What’s New

Be sure to check out our bouillon cubes

We evolved using the herbs needed to support the needs of our family- herbs such as echinacea, eucalyptus, slippery elm did double duty as flavor and medicine that was bioactive with the simmering process.  Somewhere in the last 100 years we began taking our herbs  dry in a capsule.  Cooking with Medicinal Herbs is a renewed concept- so we have experimented with the cubes and found they enhance not just the nutritional value as well as tasteof any broth, sauce, rice pilaf, smoothie, bread or cookie we applied it to!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Out of nowhere I started having abdominal cramping pain and loose stools. I tried changing my diet and over the counter medications. i went to my family doctor and was referred to a GI doctor and underwent a colonoscopy. My colon looked normal, but it was not functioning normally. My symptoms were persistent for months. I was getting very frustrated. Some days I was having between 10-15 bowel movements a day. A family member sent me Dr. Moms tea (which tasted great) and which had medicinal herbs traditionally used for GI issues. I drank the tea twice daily and my symptoms vanished within a week!


July 2014

Just over 2 years ago I became very ill. After many test, it was suggested that I was gluten intolerant possible “Celiac disease“. So the process began of removing gluten from my diet.  I started to feel better about  one week later.  Most of my gas and bloated stomach was feeling better. After many months of not having the over-processed wheat and gluten I feel better. However if I get cross-contamination I have to start this process of detoxing all over again. Drinking Dr. Moms teas for the past 6 weeks, using Dr. Moms tea herbs as my “medicine”. I have to say I feel great! Almost all bloating is gone. I finally feel like I can control my stomach and not the other way around. Without a doubt the teas are helping my gut to heal.  THANK YOU Dr. Thomson….


February 2015

When I get sick I resort to calling my sister for help. Ever since I can remember she has been making this soup that we jokingly called “pond water”. There is always so much stuff in it ranging from veggies, chicken, spices and herbs. It’s as if she took a scoop of water from a murky pond.. but rest assured, It doesn’t taste a thing like pond water! The famous chicken soup is the one single most important thing when I get sick. If I don’t get my soup I don’t get better, and as we all know this is the only thing you want when you’re ill. The taste is complex and delicious, the right amount of herbs, spice and organic vegetables and chicken make this soup overwhelming comforting. Don’t miss out on this healing soup and most importantly, get some soon so you can start feeling better stat!


Dr. Thomson's Sister

Who We Are

Margaret Thomson

Margaret Thomson

The founder of Dr.Moms, the pioneer of our herbal blend, an  M.D, and a practioner of eastern  medicine and western medicine. Margaret is an excellent innovator and has been trained in acupuncture, herbalism and as a western doctor. Margaret has blended her expertise in western medicine and eastern medicine to help found Dr.Moms and innovate every single one of our products.

Elsa Montanez

Elsa Montanez

Elsa Montanez is an immigrant from Mexico and a all-round strong and determined woman. Elsa has helped Dr.Mom’s almost as much as the Founder, Margaret has, pushing through the manufacturing process and producing all of our tea, cookies and spices. She has also assisted us with the legal and commercial process in order to help us actually get this project up and running. Without Elsa this would have simply never come to fruition.

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